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Patient Care and Services

In HMG Health Care company, patient care extends beyond medicine: it’s about genuine compassion and personalized attention. Dr. Ruben Hernandez and his staff strive to provide an environment of comfort and warmth, ensuring every individual feels valued and heard at every step of their journey to wellness.


Explore our advanced ultrasound services encompassing abdominal, renal-vesico-prostatic, soft tissue, vascular, and muscular ultrasounds for a thorough diagnostic experience.

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Women Wellness, Health & Family Planning

Offering comprehensive gynecological services, from family planning to intrauterine device procedures. Our experts perform endometrial biopsies, Papanicolaou tests, and polypectomies with precision.

Family Practice

At the clinics of Dr. Ruben Hernandez, our highly trained and experienced team is dedicated to providing top-quality, comprehensive medical care for individuals and their families.f experienced physicians provides comprehensive medical care for individuals and families.


Discover the precision of our Electrocardiogram service, providing invaluable insights into your heart’s electrical activity for a comprehensive cardiac assessment.

Holter Monitoring

Elevate your cardiac care with Holter Monitoring, a continuous heart rhythm assessment that unveils crucial data for a thorough understanding of your cardiovascular health.

Vaccine, Covid-19, Jeringa

Providing comprehensive vaccination services for Influenza, Tetanus, and a range of other crucial immunizations to safeguard your health and promote overall well-being.

Skin biopsy

Rely on our expertise in skin biopsy, where we employ advanced techniques for the precise examination and management of skin conditions.

Pregnancy tests

Trust in our Pregnancy Tests for quick and reliable results, ensuring accurate and timely information during this significant phase of life.

Senior Care and Wellness Exams

HMG Health Care provide regular consultations for elderly healthcare, follow-up and treatment for chronic diseases, and tailored plans for social and emotional care. We offer regular check-ups, treatments, and clear communication with healthcare professionals.


Embrace the efficiency of our Urinalysis service, offering comprehensive insights into your kidney function and overall health through the examination of urine samples.


Experience the accuracy of spirometry at our facility, a diagnostic tool that measures lung function, aiding in the early detection and management of respiratory conditions.

Intra-articular cortisone injections / Viscous supplementation 

Experience relief with our Intra-articular Cortisone Injections, a targeted approach to managing joint inflammation and discomfort for improved mobility and quality of life.

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