Our highly trained team of physicians, nurses and therapists collaborate to coordinate care, relieve anxiety, and work toward the best outcomes. Our comprehensive services include:

Family planning
Birth control method
Wellness exams
Pessary maintenance Care
Urine incontinence evaluation, colposcopies
Endometrial biopsies
IUD placements and removal


We also refer and collaborate with several Ob Gyns,  Gyn -Oncologists and Urogynecology in our community to treat many conditions such as the following:

    • Gynecology oncology :  ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer.
    • Speciality gynecology: vulvodynia, vaginal cysts, uterine bleeding and abnormal papsmears.
    • Urogynecology: Urine incontinence, pelvic floor support problems, bladder,
    • Pelvic pain, and emptying disorders.

Through your life, you will have different gynecological needs. Count on HMG Health Care every step of the way.

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