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Current health plans

Senior Plans

  • Aetna Senior (AETS)
  • Blue Cross Senior Secure (CALS)
  • Blue Shield Promise (Formally Care I’S) (BSPS)
  • Blue Shield 65 (BL65)
  • Alignment Health Plan (aka Citizens Choice) (CZCH)
  • Easy Choice Health Plan aka Wellcare (ECEP)
  • Health Net MediConnect cm-I
  • Health Net Seniority Plus (HNSP)
  • Humana Senior (HUMS)
  • Humana Medi-Medi (HUNN)
  • LA Care MediConnect (LA-I)
  • Molina MediConnect (MO-D)
  • SCAN Health Plan (SCAN)
  • SCAN Independent Living Power (SLP)
  • SCAN Medi-Medi (9 FEM)
  • Secure Horizons/United Healthcare (SECH)

Commercial Plans

  • Aetna Health of CA (AETN)
  • Blue Shield (BLSC)
  • California Care (CALC)
  • Cigna Commercial (CIGN)
  • Cigna Commercial – Disney (CDI)
  • Health Net Commercial (CNET)
  • Health Net Individual & Flex Plan (HNIF)
  • Health Net Commercial/Medicare Prime (HNNIP)
  • Heritage Commercial Employee (ff114)
  • PacificCare/United Healthcare (PACC)

POS Plans

  • Aetna POS (AETP)
  • Blue Cross Plus (BCPL)
  • Blue Shield POS (BLSP)
  • Cigna Commercial POS (CIGP)
  • Health NetSharedRisk/POS (m.1EP)

On-Site Health Insurance Enrollment Services

An important component of a winning strategy is to provide our patients with all the conveniences at hand. At HMG Health Care we offer on-site Health Insurance enrollment services. For more information, please contact our office from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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